Duet Wifi Stock

  • Hi there,
    Can you guys predict when the Duet Wifi will likely be back in stock?

  • administrators

    Apologies but we just sold out of DuetWifis. The new production run is ordered, PCBs should be at our manufactures in the UK towards the end of next week. I expect we will be ready to start dispatching boards at the end of the month.

  • Not sure where you're located, but we have Duet Wifis in stock at Filastruder and ship worldwide.

  • administrators

    I see that the Duet Ethernet is still in stock in the UK.

  • Will the next run of WiFI boards be the current revision, or will they be a new rev? (I believe David mentioned a slight change coming, with a couple extra built in protections?)

    I need a second duet, need to know if I should wait 🙂

  • I have two unused, untouched Duet Wifi that I would be willing to sell, for anyone interested. They are from Sept 2016, production run. I'm located in Vancouver, Canada. I'm not actively looking to sell, but if anyone happens to need one desperately, I'd sell them. (The printers the wifis would go in will be getting duet ethernets when I build them, hence why I'm willing to sell)

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