PT1000 Chamber heater setup

  • I have a DUET2 Eth + DUEX5 setup, dual hotends and a heated platform, all 3 temperature sensors are connected to the DUET board.
    I'm also trying to connect a chamber temperature sensor(no heater) to the DUEX5 e2_temp using a PT1000 sensor, here is my config for it.

    M305 S"Chamber" R4700 T1000 P102 X3

    It does show in the "Extra" tab in DWC and at room temperature the value is ~24 C Problem is that when I heat it up the temperature goes down, not up. The sensor itself seems fine, when I swapped it for a platform temp sensor(same one) it was working fine.

  • You have wrong X parameter
    If you use PT1000 you should use 500 + ADC channel (more:
    In you case:

    M305 P102 X503 S"Chamber"

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