Mixing cable gauge for stepper cable

  • Hi! I have ordered AWG 20 for my stepper cables, Nema17 to Duet3.
    But was supplied with yellow 18 AWG and the other colors as specified 20AWG.
    This were expensive silicone from UK, more than a week to get to me in Sweden.
    Can I mix the cables like that? I intended to use with twisted pair, but that means twisting a 18 and a 20 AWG.

    How bad is that?

    Gonna use 24V and 32V with 2A. Lengths of 60cm and 120cm.

  • It will be just fine!

  • It will certainly drive the motor just fine.

    In theory, it will weigh a tiny, tiny, tiny bit more. Not a real world concern.

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