How to set the z-motor to be always on

  • Hi,
    I upgraded my 3D-printer with an Duet 3 motionboard (with the latest version 3 software) . And it’s great so far!
    But after every print the Extruder is falling into the print. On my old Marlin board I activated the motor always on settings gor the z-motor.
    But i didn’t find the correct G-Code for the Duet. Maybe anybody of you could help me please?

    P.s.: another thing i noticed is that the motors got way louder compared to the DRV8825 I used on the old Board. Is there a way to change that? (motors: Nema 24 style 2.8A Trina mic)

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    Please post your config.g and your slicer end gcode. It sounds like the motors are being turned off at the end of the print, or it's just stopping in place at the end of the print and then the motor idle timer is turning them off after a while. Either way, seeing your slicer end gcode would help. You could move the nozzle out of the way before turning off the motors, etc.

    If the idle motor current is set too low to keep your motors in position you can increase the idle hold current with with M906 I30 and the timer with M84 S60. Again, in your config.g.

    Here's my end code for example:

    ; stop.g
    ; called when M0 (Stop) is run (e.g. when a print from SD card is cancelled)
    ; Also called by slicer end gcode by M0
    M400			; Finish move queue
    M104 S0 		; Extruder heater off
    M140 S0 		; Bed heater off
    M106 S255 		; Fan at 100 to cool nozzle and bed
    G91			; Relative positioning
    M220 S100		; Set speed factor back to 100% in case it was changed
    M221 S100		; Set extrusion factor back to 100% in case it was changed
    G1 E-2 F9000			; Retract filament 2mm
    G1 X5 Y5 F9000		; Wipe nozzle 
    G1 Z20 F500			; raise nozzle 5mm from printed part
    G90				; absolute positioning
    G1 X150 Y130 F6000		; Move x and Y axis over to bed center
    G4 S60			; Wait 5 minutes
    G28 X Y			; Home X and Y
    M290 R0 S0		; clear babystepping
    M84			; Steppers off
    M106 S0			; Fan off

  • @Phaedrux
    Thank you for the fast answer!
    I hadn’t thought about the Slicer causing the problem. I had M84 in the script.
    I will just delete it and let the printer home in x and y.

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