Tips for flattening, sanding PEI

  • I have some unevenness from bubbles and creases in the glue, I didn't get it laid down perfectly.

    Any tips on how I can sand this level without chasing migrating high spots? I got it this far, but the red on the left just keeps sitting there and according to the map, it's becoming more and more plateau like. I'm using a random orbital sander, 5" I think.

    Is there any way to level this without having something larger than the bed?


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    I wouldn't bother trying to level it and just let mesh compensation deal with it. I'm in a similar situation. Mesh compensation handles it great.

  • I think I saw the cnc kitchen guy print a sanding block instead of his hotend and had the printer sand itself to be level and tram; might be an idea to concider if you need absolute flatness and cannot accept compensation.

  • @Phaedrux I wouldn't be so bothered except a large amount of my bed can't be probed because of the location of the probe. Would like to have some confidence in the rest of it.

  • Then maybe print a holder for your probe that give you zero offset and probe the whole bed area without the normal hotend mounted - should give you an idea of the state.

    I tend to use the digital test indicator so I don't have to move or rewire the actual probe in use on the machine.

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