Switch from the setting page at dueui.org/ to the DueUI page?

  • I am using the no installation option, in a Chrome browser.

  • Once you save your settings and refresh, you should get the main user interface. If you enter an invalid config URL or duet/sbc hostname, you'll be returned to the settings.

  • I have not managed to get past the settings page either and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Duet Maestro running on 2.05

    I copied the dueui_config.json to the system folder. Tried to connect in Standalone and DSF and get the same error. Tried IP and hostname.

    EDIT: Ok i got logged in. I had to leave the DueUI config file URL box empty. It then connected fine, then when i look at the settings page again it now says http:// as the location. (added space in that URL to remove hyperlink)

  • Perhaps I should make the title of that box more clear. Yeah, it has to be the FULL URL including the http://<hostname>. The reason is that you may want to have your config file someplace other than the Duet itself.

  • @gtj0 I also have a feeling it may have been correct before I fiddled with it but there was not a way to reset this screen to defaults. Also when looking up how to get running, looking at the no installation version, I didn't think it was very clear on whether the config file needed to be manually copied over or if that was done automatically. Then when prompted for the config location I (presume wrongly?) assumed I had to download the config from github and copy it somewhere for it to be accessed.

    Thanks anyway, this should be good to play around with the tablet I use as my Duet screen with poor wifi signal and ageing hardware. Out of curiosity, do you have a place for people to share configs, would love to see what others make out of this?

  • Good feedback. I'll see if I can make the instructions a little clearer.

    Thanks for reminding me about sharing configs... I'll create a pinned topic for folks to post screenshots and configs.

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