Switch from the setting page at dueui.org/ to the DueUI page?

  • I am using the no installation option, in a Chrome browser.

  • Once you save your settings and refresh, you should get the main user interface. If you enter an invalid config URL or duet/sbc hostname, you'll be returned to the settings.

  • I have not managed to get past the settings page either and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Duet Maestro running on 2.05

    I copied the dueui_config.json to the system folder. Tried to connect in Standalone and DSF and get the same error. Tried IP and hostname.

    EDIT: Ok i got logged in. I had to leave the DueUI config file URL box empty. It then connected fine, then when i look at the settings page again it now says http:// as the location. (added space in that URL to remove hyperlink)

  • Perhaps I should make the title of that box more clear. Yeah, it has to be the FULL URL including the http://<hostname>. The reason is that you may want to have your config file someplace other than the Duet itself.

  • @gtj0 I also have a feeling it may have been correct before I fiddled with it but there was not a way to reset this screen to defaults. Also when looking up how to get running, looking at the no installation version, I didn't think it was very clear on whether the config file needed to be manually copied over or if that was done automatically. Then when prompted for the config location I (presume wrongly?) assumed I had to download the config from github and copy it somewhere for it to be accessed.

    Thanks anyway, this should be good to play around with the tablet I use as my Duet screen with poor wifi signal and ageing hardware. Out of curiosity, do you have a place for people to share configs, would love to see what others make out of this?

  • Good feedback. I'll see if I can make the instructions a little clearer.

    Thanks for reminding me about sharing configs... I'll create a pinned topic for folks to post screenshots and configs.

  • Hi,

    I'm running into the same problem.

    I have the duet3 connected to the rpi.

    If I connect to my <local-IP>/dueui I get to the settings area.
    I enter my local IP
    no pw
    DueUI config file URL: ??
    -->The url is the one I'm struggling the most with...

    Since I installed DueUI to the Pi, the json file of the DueUI resides under the .../dueui/dueui_config.json

    therefore, the url SHOULD be <localIP>/dueui/dueui_config.json.

    However, this url does not seem to be correct as I can't get past this settings page....
    Could you please advise what the path would look like given the above info on where I saved the file?

    Interestingly, if I point my browser to <localIP>/dueui/dueui_config.json, I can read the json file...


  • I'll bet you're trying to use the default dueui_config.json file. It's not up to date and won't load correctly. It's on my list of things to fix. In the mean time, grab the file from the following link and copy it to /opt/dsf/sd/sys/dueui_config.json. Then set the URL as follows: http://duet3j/machine/file/sys/dueui_config.json


    Don't modify the one in /opt/dsf/sd/www/dueui. It'll get overwritten on the next update.

  • Thanks for your answer.
    There's a high chance that that's what's happening.

    Is there also a way of hosting both, DueUI and the config file, on a separate webserver (similar to your website but including the config file?)

    In my case, the hosted webui and the printer would not be the same machine! I want to give the printer to someone and make it controllable through a self-hosted version of DueUI. This way, I can continuously change the UI and the other person wouldn't have to change anything on his printer.

    How could I make this work?


  • @hauschka Sure! The website that serves the UI, the website that serves the config file, and the Duet itself can all be configured separately.

    The website that serves the UI is the URL you enter in the browser's address window. The website that serves the config file is configured in DueUI's Settings page under "DueUI config file URL". The address of the Duet itself (or the RPi/SBC) is configures in DueUI's Settings page under "Duet hostname or IP address:" or "SBCt hostname or IP address:" depending on whether you're directly connecting to the Duet or the SBC.

    So you can certainly have the UI and config file served from the same web server. The path to the config file auto populates with a default if its empty but you can change that and it will be saved.

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