SD card corrupted / Duet Wifi dead

  • Hi all, I really need help with this. Over night saomething happend to my printer. As long as the SD card is inserted jus the power leds are on. No ednstops or anything else. When I removed the SD card endstops are detected again but no Wifi connetion and even YAT is not working. I tried the Fallback procedure 3 and BOSSA can not find the COM port even after using the erase jumper.
    And no the best part comes. I just tried to read the SD card with my smartphone and it trashed it as well!!! NO reaction android firmware seems corrupted and I will propably have to reflash it and pray its gonna work.
    Has any one seen something like this before? In my dreams I wouldn't have expected an SD card can even do something like this...

  • @dc42 Any idea what Icould try before I have to ask for warranty 😕
    right now the USB connection is recognized somehow but the device manager says: Unknown USB device

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    @TC Sounds like a short to the 3.3V rail may have caused the failure in the SD card socket, or something is shorting it when SD card is inserted. Could be the SD card itself. It may have also got the wifi and the processor. Could be the failure of the voltage regulator, or something else. Have you tried another (expendable) SD card? Does the processor get hot with just USB power connected? Can you post a high resolution picture of your board? Where/when did you buy the Duet? Warranty is 6 months.

    What LEDs are lit, with:

    • USB power only, no SD card
    • USB power only, another SD card
    • mains power, no SD card
    • mains power, another SD card

    See also't_respond

    If the Duet is seen as an Unknown Device in the device manager, have you tried loaded the device driver? See


  • Ok so after some delay due to Corona I was able to test everything including all the trouble shooting pages Result is that there is really no respond anymore over USB. Wifi module gets hot when connected over USB. With inserted defect SD card just the 5V LED is on. When removed also 3.3V and Diag LED are on. But no respond in any state. I am affraid there is no more I could try. I ordered the Board in August from E3D-online. They say to return it I need a confirmation here in the forum. How exactly does that work?

  • Maybe not what you want to hear, but if you purchased the board in August then March 9th is just over 6 months so right off the bat you might be outside the warranty terms depending on how they view it. Of course you may have additional consumer protection rights depending on your location which is a matter for the vendor.

    In any case Ian is in the process of determining the cause of the failure as that would be a factor in the claim. So upload the picture he asked for in addition to the LED description you provided, and I'm sure he or David will probably respond in a as timely manor as possible in these trying times.

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    @TC If you bought it in August, that would unfortunately mean that it is out of the 6-month warranty period; see

    The SD card socket, WiFi module, and processor is pretty much the order of failure if there is a short between +3.3V and VIN. This can happen if the voltage regulators fail, or if there is a short in your wiring. See

    If you can post the pictures I asked for (a good, high resolution, in focus picture of the board), we can check if there are any obvious failures, particularly of the U2 and/or U3 voltage regulators. While it still means that the board may not be economically repaired (too much has already failed) it may at least show what needs to be checked/tested.

    The important thing is to carefully check through your wiring before connecting another board, or the same thing may happen. I also have an unfounded theory that voltage spikes through the PSU at power-on may cause the failure of the regulator, as power-on is often when they seem to fail. But then I'm not an electrical engineer!

    For boards out of warranty that fail in this way, we do keep a stock of refurbished boards, for a low price on exchange. Contact Roland on if you're interested.


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