Sharing my Delta bed.g spreadsheet

  • Here's the three versions I when changing my bed.g for my delta printer. They use 32 points and it generates a column that I can cut and paste into my bed.g It works for me, my calibration runs in the 0.01 mm range. Feel free to make a copy and do whatever you want with it, I'm just sharing in hopes of it being helpful to someone. Please watch the printer carefully until you're confident it's working for you, while it works for me I'm just throwing it out there to help and don't make any claims to it working flawlessly although I can't see how it'd go bad if you use values reasonable to your machine.

    Variables to change are:
    -bed size (the outer ring of probe points)
    -Calibration Factor
    -Oversize factor (only on the oversized one where I use it to dial in my arm lengths)

    The first one is my default arrangement
    12 points at the bed size distance (perimeter), 12 more at 2/3 the bed size distance, 7-points at 1/3 and one for the center.

    The second arrangement I get better calibration numbers from
    16 points at the perimeter, 12 inside (2/3 distance), and 3 points (1/3 distance) and a center point

    The third is what I use to test / calibrate my arm length. I calculate the oversize factor as the distance to just inside the maximum bed radius over the bed size parameter that I can test within the limits of the towers. Please be careful and watch closely if you use this one.

    I will try to update if there is a major flaw, otherwise please treat it as a starting point for you play with generating your own test points.

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