Filament system help

  • I recently upgraded my Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus to the Duet Wifi. I'm loving most of the options available to me and I feel like I've got my PLA dialed in.

    One place I'm struggling is the filament system. I initially had to call the API to create the directory for filaments. That's fine. But then I can't seem to name filaments appropriately? I managed to get one in called PLA but if I try anything longer like InlandBluePETG it fails.

    Operation failed (reason: err 1)

    I have multiple PLA filaments I'd love to define, but also, they will all use pretty much the same load/unload macros. I'm not sure if I'm missing something obvious? I'm guessing I must be?

    And speaking of those macros, I initially grabbed the ones off of the site, but running the extruder at 3000mm/min to load and unload seemed real fast. Does anyone have a better macro set up they'd like to share? For now I toned it down and it's working, but I don't love it. I liked the default Wanhao behavior of waiting for the end to get up to temp, then running the extruder slowly until I pushed the button to stop it.

  • The filament system, as all other systems for Duet, are just g code files that are run at the appropriate times. The individual files are created with the 'new filament' button and then the individual actions are created with the 'new file' button. I had no problem creating a 'InlandBluePETG' filament directory in RRF 1.03.
    Maybe show the steps you took ?
    No, you are not missing anything but, and I haven't tried that, it might be worthwhile to create a macro file that runs all the identical bits of your filament files and call that macro from the filament file and then have entries for the unique bits.
    There is nothing preventing you from implementing the Wahoe behaviour in a macro file.

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