Any timeline on having sd card functionality on panel due/Duet 3

  • It's a feature I would like to have.

  • You can work around the limitations to use the card in the Duet 3, you just need to put macros on the SD card in the duet that calls other macros or print files on the RPi SD card. (of course if you need make lots of changes that get tiresome fast, and maybe its better to skip the RPi for now?)

  • The work around would work but is clunky. I'm hoping for firmware integration. It would seem if the cheap Marlin boards can have a display mounted sd card Duet should be able to also.

  • If you're wanting to use the PanelDue as intended then loose the Pi and enjoy the PanelDue and SD card.

    If you want to use the Duet 3 as intended then loose the PanelDue and get a vanilla HDMI screen and you can place as many SD card readers as you want where ever you want.

    If you want cheap Marlin go for it.

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    We did not provide an SPI socket for external SD card access on the Duet3, but you can add a USB SD card reader to the RPI if you like.

    @chrishamm we should consider adding the ability to map other locations (drives. network shares etc) as drop down options for gcode locations on DWC, as we do external SD card on Duet 2.

  • @T3P3Tony said in Any timeline on having sd card functionality on panel due/Duet 3:

    we should consider adding the ability to map other locations

    the user can do it with straight up symlinks or unionfs while waiting.

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    For those running Duet 3 in standalone mode, it would be possible to support either the PanelDue SD card or a standalone SD card socket connected to the daughter board connector of the Duet 3. However, we envisage that most users wanting to use removable storage on Duet 3 (an unusual thing to do IMO when you have a web interface) will choose to use a USB stick plugged into the RPi; because USB sticks are nicer to handle, and unlike SD cards they are designed to handle many repeated removals and insertions.

  • Thanks for the responses. I may be a little short sighted regarding a display mounted sd slot. In my 3 years of printing I can only recall using the display mounted slot a couple of times and that was not out of necessity. I guess I look at more from a redundancy standpoint, the router has gone down and I need to do this print scenario comes to mind. And to dc42's point I would definitely chose a usb port over a sd slot if given the choice.

    Heck I only want a machine mounted display for the emergency kill and to occasionally tweak the Z offset since my printer is about 40' from my pc. Now if I can just figure out how to get my paneldue to connect to my duet 3.

  • Then if you have a Pi I'd definitively just go with a USB extension cable instead if a USB SD reader.

    Have a look at unionfs to overlay the USB files into /opt/dsf/sd

  • Will do, thanks

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