Flash a Duet2 Wifi to act like a Duex, or use 2 Duet 2 Wifi?

  • I have two Duet 2 Wifi boards, and wanted few more drivers. Is there a way to use both boards to accomplish this? I want to use the stock firmware. Can't really spend more on a duex, especially with the current state of things. Thanks!

  • 99% sure thats a no, at least if you're interested in retaining the warranty.. on the other hand if you're handy with a soldering iron I suppose you might get away with erasing the firmware on one board, and wire the pins from one 50pin expansion connector over to pins on the driver chips on the other. However I wouldn't recommend it.

    (Might actually be able to just use J1 one one board and J1 and TP1-5 on the other, which are all 0.1" pins so maybe more doable. However still not something i'd recommend.)

  • If its a legitimate Duet 2 Wifi (not a clone), and you want to trade for a Duex5, contact Filastruder, we can do that.

  • ☝ now thats a solution!

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