How to use the CAN-FD bus

  • So I recently ordered a Duet 3, Expansion Board, Tool Distribution Board, and 3 Toolboard 1LCs. I have no prior knowledge of CAN-FD or CAN bus use in general. Can someone give me a quick rundown on how to communicate between the mainboard to the tool distribution board to the 3 separate toolboard 1lcs. Is there an interface on the main Duet 3 that detects if theres a tool distribution attached and then from there checks for more peripheral boards. Any help, information , or resources would be greatly appreciated.

  • Duet 3 to Expansion: Duet 3 6HC main to 3HC expansion is RJ11. Use good cables. One way to get that from the retail channel is to order cables advertised as "high speed" (without getting into exotic BS).

    The main has one connector, the expansion two, for chaining. The expansion has physical switches for its CAN address. The main is always zero, the first expansion is normally 1 (but could be something else if you wish), etc. The second 2, etc.

    Tool boards are more complicated. See

    In reality, you will spend a few minutes wiring the CAN and setting addresses. Most all of your time will go into other wiring and configuration.

    Are you going to run a Pi? Or stand-alone?

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