Bed Leveling Recommendations

  • I printed a few circles on my delta's build platform using a layer height of 0.2mm.

    Image of it is here with annotations as to what they feel like, and the height map:

    Printer equipment is a mini kossel with linear rails, smart effector, v6, 600mm bowden tube, bondtech extruder. PEI bed.

    So I have done everything that I know I can do - namely delta autocalibration, and mesh compensation.

    The center is looking perfect, and a couple of them are okay as well. But some are rough (the lines themselves) and some have actual raised bits on them. I am considering lowering the extrusion rate to see if some of that goes away.

    Any other suggestions?

  • The bed looks nice and level. The one single measuring point that is a bit higher is probably an aberration / bad measurement.
    Can't comment on 'feel'

  • administrators

    What type of Z probe do you use, and how many factors and probe points when you auto calibrate?

  • Smart effector

    I believe it was 9 factors using 10 points or something like that (it was done with the configuration tool).

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