New psu for Ultimaker 2 +?

  • Hi, I was thinking of upgrading my Ultimaker 2 + control board to a duet Ethernet. Would I need to have a new psu? Come to think about it could anyone give me a full list of what I would need to get for this upgrade? Many thanks

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    @JTBrown I think the existing PSU is 24V? Please check. There’s no particular need to change the PSU, as the Duet can cope with 24V input just fine, and all components of the Ultimaker are specified for the existing PSU.

    The only additional thing you will need apart from the Duet is a Duet PT100 daughter board, as (I think, please do check) the Ultimaker uses PT100 rather than thermistors for temperature monitoring.

    Search existing threads, as a number of other people have done this swap.


  • @droftarts Yes just checked and you're right it is 24v. Thank you for your help, I will search through existing threads.

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