Duet Wifi 1.19 alpha 3

  • No offense implied, but I'm starting to get frustrated after waiting months with a basically non operational printer because I decided to "Upgrade" my 0.8.5 to a wifi.

    The wifi connects to my network, is pingable from all devices on my network, but will not allow DWC to load from any computer except for one (which doesn't work after the newest firmware) which is located in a room away from the printer which is making commissioning the printer almost impossible.

    I used to be able to at least VNC into the 1 computer I have that would connect and get to the DWC to make adjustments to configs as needed or load a file to print, but now I get AJAX errors within 30 seconds and then cannot load DWC until I reboot the printer. All I see in the console is "Webserver: rejecting message with: not found" when it happens. This is a completely fresh install of the firmware downloaded 15 minutes ago.

    My 0.8.5 just worked, sure it was a little louder, but, I'd take a working noisy printer over a ~$1500 paperweight any day. I'd try the Duet Ethernet, but, I just can't justify throwing even more money at this when I wholeheartedly expect that the same thing will happen as I don't think it's my network blocking things from connecting because of the reliable pings.

    Please, if anybody can give me suggestions to get at least 1 thing printed successfully this year, I would be much appreciative.

  • For starters, don't use MDNS. Instead, use the printer's IP address directly. It's just one other thing that can possibly go wrong.

  • If the firmware is the problem, why not rollback to a previous version, register a bug report, and carry on printing in the meantime?

  • Hi Burtoogle,
    I never have any successes with DNS in general and try to avoid it as much as possible for anything I use internally on my network. I currently have a DHCP reservation in my router for the Wifi and only connect with the IP address. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Hi Elmoret,
    Previous firmware revs still only left 1 machine on my network able to connect and unfortunately that machine is not the machine that has all of my modelling/printing software installed on it. I posted in the forum a few months ago regarding the issue because trying to connect with any machine that would be actually useful to me was causing the wifiserver to reboot with a watchdog error. At that point, DC42 mentioned that sometimes on certain infrastructure routers this issue would arise and that he would be soon working on rewriting the wifiserver software to hopefully resolve it. This version of the firmware runs the new wifiserver code however the only things that have changed are that the DWC is less reliable on the only machine that I was able to connect with previously and I get a different error message when it fails, though I think the new error implies there's something up with the DWC page vs the wifiserver.

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    Hi Darkkarnival. Have you checked out:

    Specifically :

    Upgrade notes:

    The compatible companion software and firmware are DuetWebControl 1.15c and DuetWiFiServer 1.19alpha1.
    If you are installing this on a Duet WiFi then you must install the Duet Web Control 1.15c files in /www on the SD card, do a simultaneous update of the main firmware and the wifi firmware, and use a macro to set up access to your network. See https://duet3d.com/wiki/DuetWiFiFirmware_1.19_alpha.

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    There will be an update to the 1.19alpha DuetWiFiServer in the next day or two, in the mean time I suggest sticking with the latest stable release which is 1.18.

  • Hi Tony,
    Yes, I did unzip the contents of the web control file into an erased www folder on the SD card and the duet is connecting to my network.

    Here is what I see when connecting via Simplify3d:
    READ: RepRapFirmware for Duet WiFi Version 1.19alpha3 dated 2017-05-09
    READ: Executing config.g…
    READ: Done!
    READ: RepRapFirmware for Duet WiFi is up and running.
    READ: WiFi module started
    READ: Wifi module is connected to access point SERV, IP address
    READ: Webserver: rejecting message with: not found

    I think I followed the instructions properly as I see it connecting, grabbing the reserved IP address I put in my router, and I can ping it from basically anything. Just can't get the DWC to come up.

    Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming update, I'll just wait for your new version to come out and try that, I feel like downgrading and re-upgrading will be a hassle with the new procedures to load 1.19

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    The 'not found' does suggest that the web files are missing. Please check the file structure within the /www folder.

  • I erased the /www folder completely, then extracted the zip file from the edge release (DuetWebControl-1.15c.zip) into the newly created /www folder. There are 3 .gz files that get put into the /www folder as well as an HTML404.htm file. 3 folders get created inside the /www folder css, fonts, and js, all of which also contain .gz files. Am I supposed to extract all the .gz files too?

    The wiki just says extract the zip into the /www folder or rename the archive to DWC.zip to upload, but since I can't get to the page to upload, I obviously need to go the windows explorer/card reader route.

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    That is correct. You do not need to extract the .gz files.

  • David, The upgrade to 1.19.3 went well. It is connected to my network according to M552. It does not give me an IP address to connect to DWC. How do I connect?

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    Send M552 with no parameters to see the IP address, or send M122.

  • M552 results, WiFi module is connected to access point (my network router ssid)
    M122 results, Diagnostics Used output buffers: 1 of 32 (2max) Platform Static ram used 28556 Dyn

    No IP address

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    Looks like you are only seeing the first line of the M122 report.

    I will release a new 1.19 update today or tomorrow that shows the IP address in the M552 response.

  • I really I'm lost with this last 1.196 update.

    I have follow every single step to upgrade. Using the password of my wifi on the macro, etc. And when I do a M587 I get

    Attempted to write invalid text to console, which could be due to an invalid baudrate

    I don't get it, this method of selecting a wifi (having to edit the usb) is not really user-friendly, why can't the wifi pass setup be done just like before?

    Anyhow I did upgrade to try to improve the wifi that is always failing and now I will have to dig into the how to downgrade all again to get back to print.

    Also there's no feedback of any kind of what happens on the wifi, is connecting? Has failed? Hasn't found the correct? Did the password failed? Also, the thing that by usb you can't send the correct password because the Mayus/Minus transformation, make's it even worse because you need to edit the macro file to change anything, and that's really counter intuitive, specially since you can't access the SD from the USB.

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    Hi neotko, I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. I will be adding a facility to start up the Duet as an access point to make configuration easier, before 1.19 is released.

    To get access to your network, I suggest you run M588 * to delete that corrupt entry, then re-run the macro to set up access to your router. Then run M587 and check that the SSID is shown correctly, without that "invalid text" message.

    HTH David

  • @dc42:

    Hi neotko, I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. I will be adding a facility to start up the Duet as an access point to make configuration easier, before 1.19 is released.

    To get access to your network, I suggest you run M588 * to delete that corrupt entry, then re-run the macro to set up access to your router. Then run M587 and check that the SSID is shown correctly, without that "invalid text" message.

    HTH David

    Indeed did that, and it deleted it, but after running the macro I get that text, is weird.

    I'll wait for 1.19 final for now, I did re upload the old firmware 1.18 and the printer works perfectly fine. I though it was gonna be harder to downgrade but not at all.

    Cool to know, the easy access point really helps. Thanks a lot for the constant updates, is a beautiful board with a really sweet firmware.

  • DC42: I belive "M588 *" does not work in 1.19beta6, so maybe check.


  • with 1.19 Beta 5, I have run into issues with disconnection in web control. right after uploading gcode.
    file uploads properly then immediately disconnects

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    Reproducible disconnections when you do a certain thing usually indicate an incompatibility between RRF and DWC. I suggest you upgrade your beta5 to beta 6 (just upload the beta6 binary through DWC, the wifi code hasn't changed), then upload the DWC zip file in the same way.

    M588 was working last time I tested it, but I'll test it again before I release beta7.

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