How to connect Smart Servo to the Duet Wifi

  • Hi
    I am currently building a Scara Robot and planning to use the Duet Wifi
    as my hardware controller for the stepper motors X,Y and Z.
    I am planning to use 2 smart servos Herkulex DRS -101 for my Robot Gripper since I already have them, and was wandering how can I implement these to work with the Duet Wifi board ???
    The servos can be daisy chained
    Herkulex servo.png

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    Three options:

    1. If you don't need to receive data from them, then you may be able to use M118 to send the commands direct to the PanelDue serial port, and connect the UTXD pin on the PanelDue connector to your servo control inputs.

    2. You could modify RepRapFirmware to reassign the PanelDue serial port to your servos and send the appropriate commands to them. They take TTL level signals, so the Duet TxD output should drive the servos directly, and if you need to receive data from them as well then you can use a couple of resistors to drop the voltage to 3.3V.

    3. Use an Arduino as an intermediate device. If you only need to send simple commands then you could use spare Duet outputs to feed inputs to the Arduino and control the Duet outputs using M42.

    Caution! Don't connect any 5V-level output from your servos directly to the PanelDue connector. Maximum input voltage is 3.3V.

  • Hi
    I appreciate your help, thanks.
    In order for the servos run, they require 7.4 VDC
    I will have to use a drop down converter from 24V TO 7.4
    If you have an example of the wiring or a simple sketch , that would be very
    Much appreciated

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