Duet3 NeoPixel

  • Hi Friends, i'm Leonardo and i have a question about the possibility to connect and check, on Duet3 Standalone mode, printer status with 3 or more Neopixel Rings.

    At the moment i don't have a Raspi Board, but only Arduino nano and Arduino Uno R3.

    I have the original sketch of BLV MGN Cube and i think that it is only to adapt at my configuration. It's true??


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    Duet 3 supports one DotStar or compatible LED strip or chain of strips.

  • Duet 3 will directly drive Dotstar. No other hardware needed.

    On any Duet, any pin that is controllable from a G-Code command could be connected to an intermediate, such as a small Arduino or ATtiny or ... (3.3V ONLY!!!). That device, in turn, can drive any kind of LED you wish. Neopixel, Dotstar, RGB, whatever.

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    BTW I may add support for Neopixel LEDs to Duet 3 in future. I have some on order to test with.

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