Extruder stutters when retracting

  • Hi all!
    My somewhat DIY printer is set up with Duet ethernet and DueX5, Kraken hotend and Titan extruders powered by a MeanWell 24V PSU.
    I have a problem with audible stuttering when rectracting, it is not everytime but quite often. I have tried to swap stepper driver output, new cable to stepper, swapped stepper motor and changed bowden tube. Same issue remains. I'm only running one hotend/extruder now btw.

    My rectraction setting are 3mm & 40mm/s right now, but slower and faster are tried.

    I have uploaded a small video here (sound are better if you download the video and view it offline)
    It stutters on the last few retractions in this video:

  • I'm not really sure what is your problem ... maybe you can decrease the jerk or/and acceleration settings from the extruder to solve this what you want.

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    Can you post your config.g and the results of an M122?

    At first glance of the video is seems ok to me. Maybe I'm not seeing it clearly enough.

  • Well, it turn out to be a "feature" and not an error.. It does stutter but it is because I have "retract while wiping" on and 2mm wipe around small corners gives this kind of behaviour.

    The main reason I asked about this is because I have an issue with some layers bulging, like overextruding or something. Going to start a new thread about it.

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