Is this Repairable?

  • While installing Mechaduinos on my machine, I needed to supply them with 5V. My intent was to get this off of the 5V pin for the PanelDue. Unfortunately, I mixed up the Vin and 5V on the Mechaduino end resulting in connecting 24V into the 5V power system of the Duet WiFi… Not a good day. Now the heaters are stuck on and I cannot connect to the board. I'm wondering if there is any saving this or should I just cut my losses and get a new one?

    This appears to have damaged my Duex5 as well.

  • I repaired a Duet WiFi that succumbed to the same fate and it needed practically every 5V device including the MCU and WiFi module replaced. Unfortunately, if I were to charge for that repair it would approach the same cost as just replacing the board…

  • @BMMal may I ask where you are located, and what you ended up doing?

    And @W3DRK, I sent you a PM, I have read that you sometimes have difficulty receiving messages on this forum, so please check.

    Thank you,


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