Wiring a toolboard to the Duet3 mainboard.

  • I'm looking to make the connectors for this, but it's not exactly clear what wires correspond to what between the two. The diagram for the mainboard has for the CAN-FD connectors labeled as CAN1_h and CAN0_h for instance, but the toolboard connection doesn't have the same designation to know the pairs or how I would pair them between the two endpoints. I could infer from the tool distribution board (which I'm not using or need), but I wanted to be sure so I don't fry anything.

  • Main board have two can busses, 0 and 1. toolboard only have the one can bus, but 4 connections so you can wire it in a chain. Effectively you use Can bus 1 ffom the main board, and match up the H and L signals to your toolboard then terminate the unused pins.

    See if this post from dc42 helps; https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/14469/duet-3-tool-board/8

  • Perfect. The link cleared it up for me. Good thing I saw that, as I'd not have put a resistor in.

  • @bearer would 20awg wire be adequate to power the toolboard, or should it be a thicker wire? I'll be supplying 24v.

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