PanelDue for CNC

  • What is the current status of the PanelDue firmware for cnc machines? I see only old threads on the argument and I'm undecided if buy a panel due o not.

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    The PanelDue itself is useful as a display and means of interaction with the Duet, but at this time there is nothing specific to CNC in the PanelDue firmware. There have been a few threads on using custom pendants and the like though.

  • Would also be very interested in seeing this improved for CNC users. Duets are being used in CNC more and more.

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    Soon I'll have a small CNC without electronics . So I was thinking to the duetWIFI + PanelDue as well.

  • It is open source... somebody needs to step up.

    OR run an alternative Web interface on a small tablet. Same answer, somebody needs to create a CNC friendly version.

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