PanelDue for CNC

  • What is the current status of the PanelDue firmware for cnc machines? I see only old threads on the argument and I'm undecided if buy a panel due o not.

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    The PanelDue itself is useful as a display and means of interaction with the Duet, but at this time there is nothing specific to CNC in the PanelDue firmware. There have been a few threads on using custom pendants and the like though.

  • Would also be very interested in seeing this improved for CNC users. Duets are being used in CNC more and more.

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    Soon I'll have a small CNC without electronics . So I was thinking to the duetWIFI + PanelDue as well.

  • It is open source... somebody needs to step up.

    OR run an alternative Web interface on a small tablet. Same answer, somebody needs to create a CNC friendly version.

  • @Danal Not specific for CNC (but more oriented for 3D printing) is the Android program GCodePrintr:

    It can be used on a tablet to stream G-code and to manual motion of a CNC machine too, using a Tablet.

  • I'm setting one miniature cnc machine these days and since I had one smoothie extra I hooked it up with a screen and use that as a driver. When I use the smoothieware in CNC mode (grbl mode) it becomes NIST compatible (as much as possible) so handles commands differently but what's more important, the screen becomes very different compared to 3d printing screen


    the main screen is DRO with both WCS and MCS present, real time updates .. menus are very different from 3d printing too .. I think it would really require a completely new firmware for the panelDue to run CNC mode

  • I am using a PanelDue for my CNC.

    While having dedicated firmware to be more CNC orientated will be great, I get by with it just fine. Obviously I don't use the Extrude section, and a few other 3D printing featres, but I use a few Macros to get my custom features (turning spindle on/off, turning shopvac on/off, defining current XY position as origin in Work Coordinate System etc).

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