Panucatt Kinetica G2C

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    someone asked me about a new control board running RRF, the panucatt kinetica G2C. Has this been developed in cooperation with Duet3D or is it just a random board that happens to use RRF? I also wonder about the TMC2209s they use -- I guess with stock RRF those would run like 2208s, so without all the interesting 2208 features?

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    explicitly not linked directly because I don't know what the policy is on third party products

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    I finally acquired the G2C and did a dry run over the weekend.

    The board is a drop in replacement for the ender3 control board. It also allows dual z with a shared stepper driver.

    Firmware is still some 2.05RC1R1 build that I couldn't find the source for.
    The board is limited to 3m3v endstops and proves. It also doesn't sport any connectors beyond what's needed on the ender3.

    An interesting feature is the socket approach for the WiFi and Ethernet modules, which would make it simple to adapt for the upcoming SBC mode for non duet3 boards ... if RRF3 would be ported over

    While personally I am a bit disappointed that there are no additional pins and headers, i.e. for a dual nozzle setup, additional fans, or similar, the board is advertised as a drop in replacement for the Ender3, and it fills that role.

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