Problems with drivers and PWM

  • I feel like I’m having “cascading failures“... I recently got around to installing the Hemera I bought a couple months ago. Testing the extruder, all I get is a loud buzzing noise. Then if I wait a few minutes, I get another buzzing (slightly higher pitch) and then a warning that driver temp is getting high. I tried moving from driver 3 to driver 4- same results. I’ve replaced the cable, double checked pin out, reversed direction in config.g, and tested with a know good stepper - all with the same results.
    The other issue I noticed is that only PWM 1 is controllable. PWM 0 and 2 both read 24V but fans don’t turn and shutting them down with gcode has no effect.

    Looking for any ideas... thanks!

    Here’s a video of what’s going on:

  • Some early hermera shipments had cracked gears and will jam. Disassemble and check.

  • Just wanted to follow up here... Regarding the extruder, it turned out that I was relying on wire colors to match up the connections. [insert face palm here]

    Using the "Connecting stepper motors" section from this page gave me the answer and I feel pretty dumb for not referencing it sooner.

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