Door Switch

  • Hi,

    I'm using a Duet 2 Maestro with firmware 3.01-RC4 running.
    Is there any slick possibility to implement a door switch which sends the print straight into pause mode/position?
    I was initially thinking about to use a filament monitor using M591 command. But I failed.
    I implemented the the code into config.g "general prefrences" as follows
    M591 D3 P1 ; Door Switch (D3 = Driver 3 for E0 Motor/ P=High signal when door closed)

    I'd be happy to receive a comment on other solutions.
    The potential alternative solution using M581 and M582 on a maestro did not become cleare to me until yet.

    Thank you and Happy Easter

  • Hi Timothyze,

    thank you for your prompt reply and please excuse my slow feedback.

    For those who are interested:

    I could solve my Door Switch issue using the suggested M581 command and the extruder Extruder Endstop of E0 ("e0stop"). I have used it in a manner of triggering a "software" based emergency stop (
    M25 was not necessarry as M581 command now allows to directly trigger the pause print g-code by setting the T parameter to 1 (guess this only works since RepRapFirmware 3.01RC2 and later).
    I'm using a optical endstop which hase a high edge when the door is closed.

    Here is the code which I used and embedded into config.g => General preferences:
    M950 J1 C"e0stop" ; Jnn = Input pin number (RRF 3.01RC2 and later only)/ C"name" Pin name(s) and optional inversion status.
    M581 P1 T1 S0 C1 ; P1 = specifies input trigger (corresponds to M950 J1)/T1 = pause print/S0 = falling edge signal when door is opened/C1 only trigger when printing

    Best regards

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