Error 587 stops the print.

  • Hi ive got the errror M587 since yesterday at a random time after i have started the print. The Printer stops after the error. Does someone know whats going on here?

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    What was the exact error message?

  • Wifi Reported error: no known networks found

    Error: m587: faules to add ssid to remembered list http is enabled in Port 80 FTP is disabled telnet

    After a restart i can use it as usual.

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    What are you doing that generates the M587 message? You should only send M587 when you want to add a new access point to the stored list. In particular, you should not use M587 in config.g or in any other file that you run regularly.

  • I do nothing. The Printer prints for a time and then the error shows up during the print. Ive printing the same file during the last 5 days, 4 days without Problems. It wondering me too, i dont tell the printer to do things. Ive tryed another file and the error still occurs.

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    Can you send M122 after it gives the error and report the results?

  • Ok, i have upgradet the firmware and give it a try. When the error comes up, ill report it.

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    @Crax M587 should never be in a print file. I expect this is file corruption on the SD card. Either it has uploaded to the SD card with an error (less likely as you say you have printed it without problem already), or the SD card is corrupting the file. Older versions of the firmware had problems if you were running a print and uploaded a file at the same time. Current firmware versions have CRC-32 checksum checks for uploading files, so there shouldn't be any errors.

    Update your firmware, upload a fresh version of the gcode file, and if the problem continues replace or reformat the SD card, and copy on fresh files (but backup your configuration files first!).


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