Double abnormal config.g file

  • Hello, strangely something strange happens to me, after editing the config.g file the changes made are not made by the duet, I realized that I have to edit the config.g.bak file as well,Just so the duet makes the changes I changed on the config.g, I tried to delete the config.g.bak file as soon as I turn off no longer starts And it doesn't connect to the wifi network, I put the config.g.bak file back into the memory and the Card works normally. What happened?

  • Moderator

    That sounds very strange. Config.g.bak is created automatically when you edit the config.g and save it as a backup of your previous file. It is not executed by the firmware at all.

    What firmware and DWC version are you using?

  • Version 2.05, With old versions I didn't have this problem.

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