PE value of 0.042 for .6mm nozzle direct drive makes sense or?

  • I'm reading that direct drive extruder should use PE value of around 0.02. The way I understand this the bigger the nozzle the lower the required PE and since I'm calibrating with .6mm nozzle I guessed that should be 0.02 or lower. I was surprised to get these results (BMG extruder, E3DV6 with brass .6 mm E3D nozzle, only PPiezo between them so ~12mm additional distance, capricorn from the BMG going inside of the E3DV6).

    Did first the broad test 0.00-0.58 in 0.04 steps
    and then as 0.04 looked best did a "zoom" from 0.02 to 0.08 in 0.002 steps

    It looks to me that 0.042 looks best, printed objects look good but it bothers me as I expected much lower value so checking if I did something wrong and am getting false positives due to misunderstanding of the process / lack of experience with it.


  • 0.042 is not a high value. It seems like you have selected the right value.

  • @bot thanks, I expected value less than 0.02 as I understood 0.02 is "direct drive .4mm nozzle". I just had to double check as I had my experience in false positives and I seen so many false positives in the 3D printing world ... (oiling filament always my best example of false positive)

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    The value needed depends on several factors, for example the length of filament between the extruder drive and the nozzle, how well that filament is constrained, how much torque the extruder motor has (because that affects its stiffness) and potentially the extruder motor current. Use whatever works best for your hot end.

  • @dc42 said in PE value of 0.042 for .6mm nozzle direct drive makes sense or?:

    Use whatever works best for your hot end.

    I'm happy how it works now but as I said too many false positives so I wanted to double check with someone with experience 😄 as this is first time setting up PE on RRF.

    Good info about the motor, I'm planing on trying to change this one as it is heavy, it's 0.9 degree but this BMG is geared and I think smaller 1.8 degree one will probbly work just as well with half the weight, so I need to redo the calibration after I change the motor; good to know.

  • My BMG-X2 with watercooled Chimera+ and 0.5mm nozzle needs 0.041 for best results with pressure advance best results using Prusament ASA Galaxy Black. I have yet to calibrate other filaments, but it seems to work well anyway.

    Pretty close to your 0.042

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