Heater idling - automatic shutdown

  • Hi,

    i checked the docs and forums but did not find any proper G/M code for setting some idle timeout for heaters. I want to say the firwmare that it automatically shuts down heaters which are left active but lets say did not extrude past 15 minutes or in the past 15 minutes no XY coordinate was triggered so printer does not print. Would appreciate some hint to configure or maybe some script or so.

    regards, Mario 🙂

  • Moderator

    @vmario89 I asked @dc42 if this was possible. He suggested that, using the latest 3.01 firmware, you can create a daemon.g file (this always runs in the background), to query the Object Model, check states and run code as necessary. So you could implement this with two loops in daemon.g; the outer loop runs forever, while the inner loop runs when stats.status is idle, doing a G4 delay command, but if 'iterations' get high enough does M81 then M99.

    If that sets you on the right track, let us know how you get on! (I'm not a programmer!)


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