FAN 0 connector not working (Board faulty ?!)

  • Hi there,

    first of all thanks for this awsome piece of hardware !
    And please excuse my bad english 🙂

    I recently set up everything and got it running after a few tweaks.
    But im running into a problem, not being able to control the fan 0 port

    Others work just fine… M106 P* S1 (Same Fan used for testing on all ports)
    When i measure those i get stable 24v from other ports but on port 0 only 3.2 -3.5

    because i need some prints to switch to my new printer i tryed to remap P2 to the extruder/tool 0
    M563 P0 D0 H1 F2 ; Define tool 0

    but i doesnt work (even when tool is active)
    Manual M106 P2 S1 works...

    I double checked if fan is in temp control mode or inverted but its not.
    FAN Conf:
    M106 P0 S0 ; (supposed to be Partcooler)
    M106 P1 T45 H1 ; (Hotendcooler)
    M106 P2 S0 ; ( spare part cooler - but cant get it running with remap)

    may my board be broken ?
    im thankfull for any advice or help

    greetings from germany


  • No quite sure I understand the problem. The S parameter determines to PWM fequency, so S0 will effectively turn it off. S255 will turn it on at full speed.

  • you can send like M106 S0.5 which is 50% PWM 0.6 = 60% and so on
    but i tried 255 with the same results

    Problem is that i cant get port 0 working like the other two (with same commands) -switching it of S0 gives 0 volt
    ON gives 3.x volt

  • Ahh I see. Is the 3 volts with the fan connected or disconnected?

  • disconnected

    is there any kind of support ticket i can open for this - im about 80% sure the board is faulty

  • Im a little disappointed not getting any "official" support here…
    Website says better use forum instead of writing mail - dont want to return the board - prints really good - but allways turning the fan on per hand sucks

    i'll try mail tomorrow 😞

  • administrators

    It does sound as though the Fan0 output is faulty. In such cases you need to email the supplier that you purchased the board from, to arrange a replacement.

  • Thanks for your reply
    i got it from

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