BLTouch Troubleshooting?

  • I have the problem that my Bltouch changes the trigger height from left to right.
    I leveled the nozzle to zero on X10 Y150 and then had a trigger height of 0.658,
    I did the same with X290 Y150, but a trigger height of 0.840.
    If I use M561 before printing, the values on my corners fit, as soon as I use Mesh bed leveling it runs into my left bed and it prints too high on the right.

    Duet wifi
    HEVO Rail

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    Check that your frame is squared up and the rails are parallel. There's not much you can do with the BLTouch to solve it other than moving it as close to the nozzle as possible, but even still, any offset will show up in the same way.

  • the printer has been running without problems for a long time.
    from one day to the next the problem arose.
    all morning measuring the X axis

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    You can post your config.g and homing files to see if there is anything that could be done to help optimize for the BLTouch.

    For best results the BLTouch should be mounted as close as possible to the nozzle, preferably inline with the nozzle in either X or Y.

    It must also be mounted perfectly straight up and down. No tilt.

    The probe body should be ~8mm above the nozzle tip.

    The pin should be clean and straight.

    For best results your config should look something like this
    M558 P9 F60 T6000 H5 R0.5 A10 S0.003 B1
    G31 P25 X Y Z

    Homing the Z axis should place the probe at the center of the bed.

    See if any of that helps.

  • Enclosed my config, homeall and Bed.g
    I am happy about every suggestion for improvement, as I am only beginning to learn.

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