Bed and extruder home height & PrintBite bed

  • My extruder is going too close to the bed when homing so the first layer is squeezed. How do I change the config files to raise the extruder when homing.

    Also, I broke the glass sheet under my printbite sheet. Does anyone know how to remove the printbite from the glass so I can apply it to another glass sheet?

    Thaanks for the graet community support!


  • Changed the G31 Z setting and it works! Just like the documents said.
    Now if I can separate the PrintBite from the broken glass I'll be a happy camper.

  • I doubt you're going to be able to do that. I just removed it from our print bed and the glass wasn't broken and it was still a chore.

    Once it's off, trying to completely clean the sheet and then get a smooth even layer of adhesive isn't going to be easy.

    Not trying to bash Printbite, but it was too much of a PIA to work with for me. Just went back to PEI- expensive lesson to learn.

  • I couldn't get PrintBite to works either but I did manage to remove it from the glass. What I did was to pry up a little corner with a small flat blade screwdriver then poor Acetone into the crack. The Acetone partially dissolved the adhesive. Then wait a few seconds, pry a bit more, and pour more Acetone into the crack and repeat the process. It's really messy and I used a lot of Acetone. In my case, I managed to salvage the glass but the PrintBite was also intact (before I though it in the bin).

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