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  • I don't know where to put this information, so I make a new thread, maybe someone has useful hints about Raspberry also to add here.

    I had some effort to activate WLAN with my Raspberry Pi 4 (first generation Pi 4). My Router was detected in the WLAN list and logging in gave no error message, but I did not get an IP address and it took about 10 minutes until I could connect to the internet. I tried everything, but at last I found the solution in hint https://hackaday.com/2019/11/28/raspberry-pi-4-hdmi-is-jamming-its-own-wifi/
    My display resolution is not the one which is mentioned in the link.
    I used channel 1 (2412 MHz). After changing the router to channel 2 (2417) it now works absolutely smoothly and connects immediately.

    With Raspi 3B I did not have this problem.

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    I believe that issue (and a few others) have been solved with a firmware update for the pi4.

    See here to check your version and how to update: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/booteeprom.md

    I didn't have the wifi issue myself, but I did note a temp drop after updating.

    I believe most recent Pi4s should already have the newer versions, but there's probably a lot of older ones from release still out there.

  • @Phaedrux Thank you for your information. The issue was driving me crazy, because seeing the SSID, but not connecting... I tried dozens of different configurations.

    One good thing it had - I know the Raspberry a bit better again.

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    Report back on whether the update made an improvement or not. I thought I had read that it had been addressed but looking through the release notes I didn't notice anything specific to that.

  • @Phaedrux Will take a while because I'm working on the optical encoder with Raspi. The 8MP camera is good enough to get a pixel resolution of 1.2 μm, so I try to get a good endstop.

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