query fan status?

  • It is probably there in the documentation and I will probably find it after I post this but looking for 40 minutes and didn't so far so posting here.

    I have thermaly controled fan.

    M950 F0 C"fan0" 
    M950 F1 C"fan1" 
    M106 P1 S255 H1 T35:37 

    F0 is part cooling fan for extruder 0 (only one on that machine)
    F1 is hotend on extruder 0 fan that's with M106 set to turn on/off at 35/37C (not sure if that's ok btw, maybe it should be 37:35 but not too important)

    That all works ok. What I would like is to "query" if the fan is on/off. Yes I could check the extruder (H1) temperature but for whatever reason (maybe I messed up the M106 and put wrong value, or I forgot to execute M106 or ..) and, even better, any chance to add the status on the DWC dash ?

  • DWC currently has the philosophy (per past posts from chris) that termostatically controlled fans will not be shown, because they can't be changed.

    You can do a M106 P1 and get current speed at the end.

    M106 P1
    Fan 1, speed: 100%, min: 10%, max: 100%, blip: 0.10, temperature: 45.0:45.0C, sensors: 1, current speed: 0%:

  • @Danal said in query fan status?:

    M106 P1

    Great, that solves the problem! Thanks.

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