Strange behavior I don't understand

  • i was trying to print and wanted to use micro steps to help adherence but i have noticed and this is not the first time the following

    For example, the first layer and the current one had a height of 0.25mm and I wanted to help with micro steps by decreasing the separation between the bed and the extruder, but since there is no significant change, I reached -0.24mm of micro step and it turns out that the indicated height is z = 0.5mm, what am I missing?
    attached image
    I am using duet wifi with RepRapfirware 2.04, but I have seen that behavior in other firmware versions


  • As far as I know babystepping changes Z=0 datum, but leaves the current Z of the active Tool untouched.
    If baby stepping would change both values you would not be able to change the relative distance between nozzle and bed.

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    That's right, the displayed height stays the same because the printer has to think it's still at the correct layer height. Baby stepping is just a slight nudge of the physical position.

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