Duet WiFi-controlled delta printer

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    I created this forum heading, so I guess I'll kick it off as no-one else has done so yet. Duet WiFi pre-production board #1 is now installed in my delta printer, replacing the Duet 0.8.5 that used to control it.

    A Large image is available here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19369680/2016-06-24%2017.42.29.jpg

    A brief specification of the printer is:

    • 1m 2020 vertical extrusions, which I may re-do in 2040 now that 2040 metal corners are available
    • Robotdigg metal corners
    • 330mm diameter print bed, of which 300mm is printable
    • 355mm horizontals. The bottom triangle uses 2060 extrusions for two sides, and 2x2020 for the side with the connectors.
    • 7mm carbon rods, 350mm between bearing centres, with Igus joints on the ends
    • 350W mains-voltage silicone bed heater, attached to a 5mm aluminium bed plate, then a removable 4mm glass plate with a thin PEI sheet on top
    • E3Dv6 hot end with PT100 temperature sensor
    • My own mini differential IR height sensor
    • Modified Ormerod 3:1 approx. geared extruder drive
    • 7" Panel Due
    • And of course Duet WiFi with PT100 daughter board.

    To convert from the Duet 0.8.5, I had to:

    • Print a new mains inlet and electronics front panel to accommodate the WiFi antenna

    • Print a new fan duct/IR sensor mount because I was changing to the PT100 sensor and compatible heater block from the standard thermistor one
    • Because of the long wires, and so that I could instruct others on how to do it, I decided to use the PT100 in 4-wire configuration. So I had to replace the 8-way hot end connector by 10-way, and run additional wires from the hot end to the Duet WiFi.

    The most noticeable difference is how much quieter the machine is when printing than before. Most of the time, all I can hear is the 40mm electronics cooling fan under the bed. I need to find a quieter one, or else use a larger, slower fan. I also have the freedom to move the printer to a different room, which I need to do occasionally for meetings, without having to run a comms cable to it.

  • Has your effector got a bubble level on it ??.

    I'm also looking to install a pt100 at some point too, think I may just need to get mine fully up and running first lol

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    Yes, that's a bulls-eye spirit level on the effector. One of the problems of delta printers is that small geometrical errors cause the effector to tilt as it translates. This causes the relative heights of the IR sensor and the nozzle to change, which messes up auto calibration unless you compensate for it in the bed.g file. If the nozzle is a fair way below the effector, as it is in my delta, then effector tilt also causes scaling errors and print distortion. So I added the level in order to see how much the effector tilts and know when I have eliminated it.

    I had to order 30 levels in 3 different sizes from China, so I'm thinking of giving most of the rest away with orders for my IR sensor.

  • My setup is pretty much the same as yours, so I may have to look at that, to be fair I have modded mine with all your or most of the mods you have done, originally dougle built mine

  • What's causing the noise reduction from the previous Duet?

  • Oh, right, TMC2660 vs a4982, brain fart. I'm using RAPS128 at 1/64 stepping on my delta so I don't expect any real change in noise level.

  • Nice. A bit small but nice (only joking). Your prints don't look too shabby either. Do you have an stl or some such of you panel that I could steal?

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    I have just published a blog entry on this upgrade at https://miscsolutions.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/more-delta-printer-upgrades-wifi-and-silence/. It includes links to the Open SCAD and STL files on Thingiverse, and details of how to use the PT100 daughter board.

  • What a star you are! Thanks.

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