Probing center of the bed with BLTouch

  • I've been using BLTouches on all my printers for a while and even though it works when homing the printer it always places the nozzle at the center of the bed and the BLTouch is offset. Is there a way to make the actual BLTouch probe the center of the bed when homing? The only reason I'm interested in this is that I use 3 leadscrews on my CoreXY and want the leadscrew equalizing to be as precise as possible.

    I'm running 2.05.1 firmware if it matters but it was the same when I was running 2.03 firmware. I do have the offset of the nozzle correct in my config.g and mesh positioning of the probe works perfectly. It's just for when I do a homeall that it puts the nozzle in the center, not the BLTouch.

    Thanks for any guidance / ideas on this.

  • If you send your nozzle in center in homeall.g, then nozzle goes to center. Just send BLTouch to center and thats it. I mean you have to calculate coordinates for BLTouch to be in center yourselt and use those coordinates in homeall.g

  • Simple enough to do, I'll give it a go.

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