Smart Effector but bigger

  • Hi, what are the caveats of me just blowing up the Smart Effector plans by 100%, editing it a bit and having it made? Will the mechanism still work? How about with bigger nozzle? How about the rigidity of the PCB?
    And also looking at the CC license of the drawings it is possible to make and sell these, correct? And if I do do a batch of this "Big Smart Effector" will I be able to use the name as well under the CC licence or is that trademarked?

  • @Anon1337 my concern would be the rigidity of the PCB tbh. It's just borderline fine on the default size.l and I'm thinking of reinforcing it because it DOES flex on my delta (I can twist it slightly by hand).

  • If at all possible, I would proto different board thicknesses.

    You MIGHT also need to slightly change the code in attiny to account for scaling effects in the tri/spiral strain gauge.

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