Gcode file corruption

  • I'm experiencing an issue with my Duet Wifi while repeatedly printing the same file. After a random amount of prints, the printer will stop communicating with Web Control, and stop printing. The LCD shows that the heaters are still operating, but control of the printer via the LCD panel does nothing.

    Turning the printer off, and then on again regains control.

    If I print the same file again, it fails in the same spot.

    If I upload the file again, from my PC, it prints successfully.

  • Sounds like a bad SD card. Have you tried a new one?

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    As Tim says, it could be a bad SD card, or one that has been corrupted and has cross-linked clusters - although the types of SD card error I can think of shouldn't cause loss of control.

    If it happens again, try sending M122 from DWC, because it bypasses the gcode queue. Save the report if you get one. The Emergency Stop command also bypasses the gcode queue.

    After restarting, download the file back to the PC. Then compare the downloaded version with the original that you uploaded.

  • I've been uploading the file with each print as a work around, and so far I haven't had another failure, but I'll run the same file a few times until I have another one, to try and compare them.

    On the last failure, I noticed that in the console on the panel, it said that it could not read the file.

    Also will try another SD card…

  • Had a failure approximately 20% of the way into the print.

    Original file size was 999kb. Downloaded file after restart was 240kb.

  • Just had a failure on a larger file, in the first attempt at printing. 3.2mb, as uploaded. 0.8mb downloaded after the failure.

  • Additional point of concern, which may be unrelated entirely to the Duet; I've had a different SD card fail repeatedly now with Octoprint. Not sure why I've got so many bad SD cards, but it might not be a coincidence.

  • I'm a bit confused by all the uploading/downloading comments. Are you uploading the file to the SD card, then printing from the SD card, or are you doing something different?

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