duet maestro strange print traveling to far on y axis

  • I haven't run into this yet but i just setup my duet maestro on a Cartesian printer..
    I have probing working fine also homing, and the print height set ok.

    I tried to print a rectangle 30x20mm 8mm high, what seems to be happening it prints a few layers fine then starts to move past the parts edge on the y axis and starts printing the rectangle past where the part is suppose to end, while at the last height it printed right, it seems to stop printing the rectangle and then keeps printing in the y axis and x axis, form the looks of it twice the length of the part, make any sense? and of course the second half of the print is messed up seeing it started that while 3 or 4 mm high.
    So seems like it prints half the height good then looses it position and prints further down the y axis..

    I know this doesn't make any sense..

    Thanks gary

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  • Real close, funny thing is as the print got longer it got narrower, so ended up twice the length and half the width on the bad end..

    I am checking the speeds and trying to see if its skipping, so far i don't see it happening i keep moving back and forth 100mm and seems to be right on each move in all 3 directions.. i may have had some table wobble it was sitting on going to move to a more solid surface and see what happens from there..

    Thanks gary

  • Just an update

    Got the print working ok did a 20x20x20 cube and it did good 20 on the z, 19.87 on both the x and y changed the steps
    slightly now so size should be good..

    but i'm guessing there still is steps missing when run at normal speeds, i had to drop the jerk to 400 x and y
    the speeds down to 1500 mm/min x y movement and first layer running at 30%

    so i am thinking it may be the cheep Chinese 12mm linear bearings not running so smooth..
    any suggestion's as a decent replacement bearing ?.. i'm in the usa.
    or any other thoughts ?

    Thanks gary

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