Strange Behavior on E3D Toolchanger IR Height Sensor

  • Hi i had a nice working E3D Toolchanger then i broke the Endswitch. Had some IR Probe laying around so i made the change all fine
    but since 2 days i cannot manage to get tool 3 to touch the bed whatever i do it only shows different reading at Z Height but mechanically i have same distance from bed around 0,7mm
    so i am at end with my latin as we say. I tried it with all setting G31, G10 , Probe height adjustment
    so i might ask the forum maybe it is an easy fix (tool 2 can touch the bed ,.. but it is longer than 3 )
    maybe someone can help me with an clue due to cabling tool 3 is most left tool ;)-. so i had to reverse the sequence

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