Cannot connect with Orange Livebox

  • Good morning all,

    Small gaps concerning me with the wifi connection of the duet 2 wifi

    In YAT via command M552 S1 I always get the same result
    WiFi reported error: Failed while trying to connect to Livebox-CE4A
    WiFi module is idle
    This even by putting the livebox in association
    So we can see that the livebox is well detected by the duet card
    I specify that ssid and the password are correct

    At this stage it is therefore impossible to connect to the livebox
    So I go to the box management page via the browser => advanced configuration => DHCP
    big disappointment no duet detected

    Has anyone had this problem?

    Finally when I connect this router to the livebox and from YAT => M552 S1

    No problem the connection is done in 2 seconds
    WiFi module is connected to access point dlink, IP address

    So here is my 2nd question Do you have to go through an external router to the livebox?

    And one more question: does this problem exist on other boxes?

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    I've not heard of an issue with Orange Livebox before. However, a search for "esp8266 orange livebox" returned some hits for problems that people had reported.

    How close is the Duet to the Livebox? Perhaps the WiFi signal strength is too low.

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    I've replied to your other thread as well.

    Please try not to double post. Posting in english will probably get you more replies, but posting in your native language is alright too.

  • @Phaedrux

    Ok thanks i take note

  • @dc42

    Yes i know it's very sturdy
    For the distance between the devices about 2 meters but and it is sufficient since the duet detects the good ssid (Livebox-CE4A)

    And onc if I understand correctly, no need for an external router it should connect directly to the livebox

    Thank you all the same on my side I continue the research

  • @René

    yay !!!!! I found the problem

    The Livebox has 2 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz wifi networks which are linked by default
    Just separate them by checking no and rename the ssid 5 Ghz

    PS: above all, do not modify the 2.4 Ghz ssid

    It may also be that your devices using the 5 Ghz must be reassociated
    Screenshot_2020-05-15 Livebox.png

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    Thanks for that info, perhaps that will help others who have a ISP provided wifi router.

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