Common wiring to x carriage

  • Hi! Im using 2 cat 5e cables for all wiring to the x carriage. But now i realize this solution ends up with one wire to little.
    So the question is, can i wire something with common ground/ vcc?
    The functions needed is:
    heater 4 wires (using 4 wires for more area)
    termistor 2 wires
    hotend cooler 2 wires (on when >60c)
    part cooler 2 wires
    stepper motor 4 wires
    capacitive sensor 3 wires.
    17 total

    The cat 5e has 8 cable giving me 16 total.
    It must be possible to wire the fans to common ground/ vcc?
    Any other suggestions?


  • administrators

    You can use a common positive (V_FAN) wire for both fans.

  • Ok, Thanks!

  • Can you post photos of the wiring solution? I am searching for wago terminals to wire the carriage, but any suggestion is welcome.

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