SOLVED RRF Config Tool not showing BLTouch as choice

  • Just trying to setup new config for upgrade to 3.0 prior to 3.1, and I started fresh, no JSON loaded.

    When I get to the Endstops page, "Unmodulated or Smart IR Probe" is selected and BLTouch is greyed out.
    I'm configuring a Maestro, Cartesian.

    I checked I/O Mapping and it says under Z-Probe:

    Input Pin =
    Modulation Pin = zprobe.mod
    PWM Control Channel (BLTouch only) = (not assigned) <-- This does not allow another choice, the drop down opens but won't accept a click on zprobe.mod (or inverted).

    I can set it up manually after I'm done, but what's up with it not allowing a BLTouch??

  • @PuterPro

    Try that setting:


  • That did the trick! Thx! So much to absorb ... 🙃

  • post removed - starting a new thread

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