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  • When using M226 to pause at layer change for DuetLapse to take a frame, the head moves away at the speed in pause.g, which is 8000mm/min. On resume, the head moves back at 3000mm/min, although resume.g has a higher speed. Happens with kisslicer and prusa slicer. This is on a delta, duet WiFi, and rrf 3.10. How can I speed up resume travel?

  • @Adrian52 I have found an answer to my own question. Seems that travel to the resume point is limited to 50mm/sec. So I have a relative move of 50mm on pause, and a relative move of - 48mm on resume, both of which go at 130mm/sec. The final 2mm to the resume point is at 50mm/sec. Makes the time lapse picture taking much snappier.

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    A better way is to make use of the fact that RRF saves the pause coordinates in restore point #1. So you can do something like this at the end of resume .g:

    G1 R1 Z1 F6000  ; move to 1mm above the resume point
    G1 R1 F600      ; move down to the resume point
    M83             ; relative extruder movement
    G1 E2 F3000     ; undo the retraction

  • @dc42 thank you - that worked fine.

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