Weird Glitch with Coordinate systems

  • Hardware: Duet 2 Ethernet + Duex5
    Firmware: RRF3.09

    So I keep getting this glitch when I'm using different coordinate systems. Its repeatable so I thought I'd post it here in case someone can help me out.
    The Glitch:

    1. Home the machine
      The machine homes as normal and sets the X, Y, and Z coordinates to 0,0,0 as expected.

    2. Run a macro to move the machine to 0,0,0 in G55
      Here are the contents of the macro:

       G54  ;activate global coordinate system
       G90  ;absolute coordinates
       if move.axes[2].userPosition <100
       	G1 Z100 F1000	
       G55 ;activate build volume coordinate system
       M98 P"0:/macros/COORDINATE FUNCTIONS/WORK AREA DEFINITIONS/Build Volume Definition" ; redefine global axis limits
       G1 X0 Y0 F1800 ;move to origin
       G1 Z50 F1000
       M564 H1 S1 ;Locks axes

      As you can see there is an M98 that runs another file, the contents of that file are here:

      M208 X130:300 Y100:290 Z-5.0:145

    3. Home the machine again - Machine will home like normal except instead of replacing the X, Y, and Z coordinates with 0,0,0. The machine glitches and sets the value to 130, 180, 100. In addition, G92s no longer work with this instance of the machine no matter if you change the coordinate system. The machine will think G54 is at 130X and 180Y when it should be 0,0.

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    @nickpm said in Weird Glitch with Coordinate systems:

    Firmware: RRF3.09

    Sorry, but that's not a real version number. What does M115 report?

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    @nickpm said in Weird Glitch with Coordinate systems:

    M208 X130:300 Y100:290 Z-5.0:145

    M208 sets the axis limits in machine coordinates. The homing switches are assumed to be at the limits. It is intended only for use in config.g. The coordinates you supply are not affected by G55.

    So it is working as intended. In summary, you cannot use M208 to change the soft limits, unless you reset the correct M208 limits before you home again.

  • @dc42 As always you're on point! Thanks I added an M208 in my home macros just in case.

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