I'm connected to my Duet2 Wifi, but interface says Disconnected

  • Hello.

    I am new to E3D products. My brother gave me a Duet 2 Wifi a while back and I am now just getting to install it on my Predator.

    Everything went smoothly. I got the board firmware updated to the latest version. However, I am having issues with the Duet Web Control. I can access the Duet 2 Wifi via any computer in my home; however, that is all I can do. The interface shows disconnected and the "connect" button does nothing.

    I suspect this is because my Duet Web Control is out of date. I downloaded the latest, but I have no idea how to update the card. Please help this newbie!

    BTW, the card is fully working as I can see everything on my PanelDue 7i. It show's connected, then idle.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @voksbug

    Pull the SD card and unzip the contents of the latest DWC and replace everything in the www folder. Also check to see what version of the firmware you are running using M115.
    The latest RRF 2 is 2.05.1. The latest RRF3 is 3.1.1

  • @jay_s_uk First, thanks for your quick response. I'm running 3.1.1. I was able to load the legacy 1.22.6 version and I can connect to my printer but not 2.05.1. The files for the newest version, 2.05.1 in the Zip I downloaded from, "https://github.com/Duet3D/DuetWebControl." look nothing like the files in my original version or version 1.22.6. Since I am so new to the Duet, I am certain I am missing something very obvious.

    Is the source I reference above for version 2.05.1the correct one? If so, is there a different way to install it since copying files to the WWW folder did not work for me? Thanks again!

  • @aidar Thanks! That worked perfectly! If this was Reddit, I would give you and Jay_S_UK and upvote...Hopefully I don't have too many more dumb questions as I move from Marlin...

  • @voksbug
    Ask as many questions as you like. That's what we're here for.

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