Best and Easiest way to connect LEDs to Duet and Duex

  • Hi Everyone !

    I will keep it simple :

    • I have a 24V system, duet and duex boards
    • I have a 12V RGB Led Strip
    • I have two PSUs : one 24V for the duet and one 12V dedicated to some other things.

    What is the best option :
    1 - Drive the LEDs from the heaters screw terminal on the duet with the (+) connection of the leds connected to the 12V PSU and the ground to the heater.
    2 - Drive the Led from the Fan with the 12V from the duex internally generated ( I believe there would be a limit that way)

    I have read someone used option 2 sucessfully here but was wondering if option1 was also possible.
    I would prefer to use the option 1 since I would like the power to come from my 12V PSU and not from my 24V PSU (which supplies the duet).
    Do I need to add some safety features somewhere if I do that ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Depending on the current needed you can use both options and still draw the power from the external 12v supply.

    Both the fan and heater output is switched on the low side, so you can wire the LED+ to your 12V supply and the LED- to the - of either the fan or heater output and have it work just the same.

    A inline fuse is always a good idea when you're circumventing the Duets fuse, other than that LEDd don't require any safety precautions.