How to repair a PanelDue 5i? (Accidentally spilled IPA over it)

  • Hi there,
    I have a big problem! I accidentally spilled IPA over my paneldue 5i! 😞 Is there a chance to repair it? The lights seem to be "dimmed" on the right side...
    ![alt text](paneldue.jpg image url)

  • if its pure IPA it might clear up on its own, but for the love all that holy power it off until its completely dry. If its not looking better after a few days with some drying you'll probably have to replace the LCD panel

  • I already waited for about 5 days... It was the IPA I used to wash my SLA-prints... So probably some resin to in there too... 😞 damn!

  • If it might have had resin, give it a REALLY GOOD wash with pure IPA, then put it in a warm spot for a long time...

  • Yeah, the IPA would likely evaporate in its own time, but anything it dissolved would be left behind even if it there was no damage to the LCD.

  • have you tried putting it in a container in the sun with rice?

  • Actually for these displays, IPA is very bad. The dark section is not going to clear up. Adding more IPA is actually going to make it worse.

    When I upgraded my CNC with a Deut and PanelDue, the touch panel broke. Having done a bunch of research, I ordered a replacement touch panel, from the actual manufacturer of the displays. While switching the broken panel for the new one, I used a small amount of IPA to clear the glue/adhesive residue. Some of the IPA vapors got inside, and created a darkened cloud-like background.

    After I saw the issue, I read a document from the manufacturer, which states (in the maintenance section), that one should not use IPA near these displays.

    After a year and a half, it is still there, haven't even faded a bit (the machine is in a place where it gets hot during summer, and cold during winters - in South Africa, so the cold is more mild compared to other places, but the hot is 35C+). I am planning to buy a new one at a later stage, but the display is still usable.

  • @antlestxp said in How to repair a PanelDue 5i? (Accidentally spilled IPA over it):

    have you tried putting it in a container in the sun with rice?

    Please don't perpetuate this poor advice; at best rice can theoretically absorb some moisture but will be likely be saturated to ambient humidity and as such useless in most cases. and in any case water in itself isn't a problem, the impurities in the water is what causes problems and rice will do nothing to remove those.

    Pure IPA can in most cases be used to displace water and its impurities - and will dry without a residue, but any contaminants dissolved by the IPA will likely be left behind, especially if it gets inside things like displays, speakers where it can't be flushed out.

  • Are there replacement LCD screen available from Duet or third parties?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @antlestxp, you may want to check this video. This is Jessa Jones, she runs a business for fixing iphones and also run classes on same topic.

  • @antlestxp said in How to repair a PanelDue 5i? (Accidentally spilled IPA over it):

    @bearer sorry, did not mean to offend. I have always put items exposed to moisture in a sealed container with rice or a desiccant under some source of warmth with great success over the years. I guess I will just chalk it up to luck.

    no offence taken, but if the water is clean then airflow will dry it faster, and warm airflow even faster rice will impede airflow so it just doesn't do any good. water is seldom clean and cleaning out the impurities, salt in particular, is what really matters (as well as removing any power source until the moisture and contaminants are gone)

    edit: yeah, check out the youtube link above, it's spot on.

  • Based on the image, I believe you have the 5" PanelDue. The manufacturer sells online (from China), however not the full PanelDue (pcb with display), so depending on your capabilities, replacing the display panel alone, might not always be a viable option (most probably to not compete with Duet3D). But if you want to attempt, here is what you need:

    The 5" panel is the one at
    I would suggest buying it with the Resistive Touch Panel included (no need for the ZIF connector).

    The display is glued to the PanelDue pcb - I am not sure with what, but that will need to be removed, cleaned and somehow the new panel should be re-attached to the board, in the correct location. The ribbon cable is simply reconnected with its connector on the pcb.

    When removing the old display and handling the new one, make sure that you are careful - the touch panel is very sensitive, and even a slight bend, can break it. My old touch panel broke into many small pieces while removing it from the display. Even a very small crack on the touch panel, renders it useless.

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