Unable to connect to my Duet Wifi 2. Please help!

  • Hey guys,

    I’m having trouble with a duet wifi 2. I use a MacBook to interface with it, with simplify 3d. Yesterday I had everything running okay, bought the printer 2nd hand. I went though the process of connecting the printer to my wifi and everything was fine, until the extruder wasn’t able to get power from the board, it was still reading temps. I propped it down and adjusted the wires to make sure they were inserted correctly, and it was working again. I turned it off to stand it back up, turned it back on and haven’t been able to connect to it since. The screen is showing connecting no matter what, and when I try to connect through USB on my computer in simplify 3d the USB comes up, and I try to connect, but the message comes back failed to connect. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix it? Thanks in advance 🙏


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    It sounds like something might be shorting out inside of the case. Take the duet out and try and get connected via usb with nothing else connected and no sd card in. Follow the steps in the link above.

  • Is there a way to to do the part “connect to a PC” without a PC, but a Mac?

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    Yes you can use the mac.

    Pronterface is a USB terminal that works well with the Duet on Mac.


    Example: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Guide/Ender+3+Pro+and+Duet+Maestro+Guide+Part+2:+Configuration/38#s141

  • I downloaded pronterface and followed the instructions on their github about allowing OSX to run unsigned apps. It’s coming up saying “the developer of this app need to update it to work with this version of macOS”

  • If I buy a copy of Windows and do a bootcamp will that work the same as having a PC?

  • Google "serial terminal for mac" should give you plenty of options (I was also under the impression YAT termial was available for Mac which doesn't seem to be the case?)

    https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/3546/duetwifi-for-mac-os/5 gives a few options.

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    Ah, you must be running catalina? I doubt pronterface is going to update... last update was 2015. There are other serial terminals for mac I'm sure but I haven't used any.

    Technically you don't need to buy a copy of windows. If you're already familiar with virtualbox you can install windows using an iso provided by microsoft themselves, do what you need in windows with YAT, and then torch the VM. I suggest windows 10 LTSC.


  • So Last night I was eventually able to get the board up and running by using my neighbours laptop. The problem now is that I have fresh new software on there that I now need to learn how to add all of the endstops and motors, extruder and the bed etc. I'm trying to follow the Delta config page, but I keep getting errors back like "M574: Pin name needed for switch-type endstop on X axis" is there a guide that I can follow that runs me through the process of adding in all of the tools of my printer before I start config files, so that it can see the tools? I apologise for the very basic questions, this is very new to me, and I am in no way shape or form a coder, so this is all rather overwhelming.
    Thanks for your help,

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    Hi, sounds like you've got RRF3 on there now.

    To simplify the configuration I suggest you use the online configurator tool to generate a config file set to start from.


    Fill it out to the best of your knowledge and feel free to ask questions.

    Then when you have the config set sip file you can upload it to the web interface if you have access, or extract it and manually place the files in the sys folder.

  • I have a set of compiled g-codes that the previous owner has shared with me, I've been comparing it to to this https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareDeltaPrinter
    is this up to date for RRF3? I've been trying to upload the config files which were supplied (here: https://gist.github.com/BrianGilbert/e3f5065848081cc850fe3c7c32f6402b)
    I don't have any of my tools added to the program yet. How do I go about doing that? I'm unsure how to define the end stop pin names etc and the extruder, bed, steppers, everything is all missing from my DWC even after uploading the config files through the DWC. Where do I go from here? I tried using the config tool and got stuck on the first page with the config tool saying my delta homed height and maximum carriage travel was too high and wouldn't allow me to continue. I'm extremely overwhelmed here, and I really don't know where to start, I'm feeling very lost and hopeless at the moment... If someone could help me through the process of this, I would be so appreciative!

  • you're probably best to generate a new set of config files using https://configtool.reprapfirmware.org/Start
    You have the RRF2 config files from the previous owner so you'll have all the reference values on hand to put in.

  • How do I get around it saying my delta printer is too high? I’m transferring the dimensions right over and it’s not allowing me to use the homing height in the config files I currently have

  • ensure your maximum carriage travel is greater than your homed height

  • I don’t quite understand how they’re different. The homed position should be at the maximum carriage, where the end stops are shouldn’t it? Or an I misunderstanding

  • @ZPomeroy concider what happens if you move to z0 and x0,y0 - then you move to x100. One of the carriages will have to move further down than the possition it had at z0, x0, y0 - thereofre the carriage travel has to be longer than the usable z height (this got me the first time with a delta on RRF as well)

  • So if the height of the nozzle above the bed when all three carriages are just high enough to trigger the endstop switches (ie Homed height) is 428.84 How do I figure out what the carriage travel is? I'm so sorry if I'm being irritating, its all so overwhelming, I still don't quite understand the difference and how to measure that from the homed height

  • I'm sure you could calculate it with some trig functions, but I just measured the difference between z0x0y0 and the lowest carriage after manually moving the effector around the build plate and added a few mm for measure. You may want to wait for someone who knows that they're talking about to come up with a more scientific approact.

  • I gave the config tool a go, trying to carefully move the settings over. I failed miserably. Is it possible to put RRF2 onto the board and use the current config files I have?

  • If you have a working M665 and M666 line from RRF2 then it should work the same with RRF3 afaik, moving back to RRF2 (which is perfectly possible with the same procedure as upgrading) will not change how the printer responds to those two lines. (?)

    edit: hmm, can't seem to find the relevant docs, nor have access to the machine for a while. back to jay_s_uk perhaps?

  • I put in all the details perfectly for the config tool, and it didn't make anything work properly, so I'd prefer to go back to RRF2 than to keep messing with RRF3, because as you can see its all over my head, and I can't diagnose the issue of something I can't understand. So I'd just prefer to use the config I was given from the previous owner, and as far as I know the way to do that is to erase and reset the board, and install RRF2, and then upload the config I was given. Does that sound right?

  • @ZPomeroy said in Unable to connect to my Duet Wifi 2. Please help!:

    and as far as I know the way to do that is to erase and reset the board, and install RRF2, and then upload the config I was given. Does that sound right?

    just upload something like the 2.05 release .zip and let the board deal with it. (and then upgrade to 2.05.1)

  • Can I do that through the DWC?

  • sure

    https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Installing_and_Updating_Firmware#Section_Usual_procedure (it says to upload .bin files, but will accept the whole thing as .zip file as well. so fetch this and upload as described)

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