Tevo Little Monster Delta X and Y scaling issue

  • Hi everyone, so my Tevo Little Monster has had a Duet Wifi on it, and it prints beautifully. The only problem is when it comes to print dimensionally accurate parts, I found that my LM prints always about 1.5% to 2% smaller on the X and Y axis (Z is very close to perfect). Both X and Y are the same issue. Now I have two options, I have read that I can play around with the rod length (my rod length on my LM are all within 0.1mm of each other and is 398.00mm through lots of triple checking and measure each rod) to scale X and Y, but is there a downside to that?

    Right now I'm scaling objects that need to be dimensionally accurate to about 2% bigger than they are (so 102% in scaling), but should I play with rod length instead and not do that? Or stick this just scaling objects?

    I've already, from before,check rod length of all 6, and also ensure the bearing distance between each is also within 0.1mm.

    TLDR; should I play with rod length to scale X and Y, or just stick to increase scaling by 2% (102% in slicers)? Thank you very much!

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    Have you gone through this document?


  • Yes I did, but I'm just wondering which one of the two has less of an effect well three if I use M579 (which is similar to scaling in slicer) or play with rod length? I"m leaning towards slicer or M579 but would like to hear professionals advice.

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    I'm not a delta expert, but my reading of it would tell me to try M579 since the scaling error is quite small.

  • Aight trying M579 X1.03 Y1.03 then reporting back. can I put it anywhere in the config.g? or do I need to put it before a certain gcode?

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    @iamthebest22 said in Tevo Little Monster Delta X and Y scaling issue:

    do I need to put it before a certain gcode?

    I don't think it matters. Maybe put it under your delta commands just to keep it together.

  • Problem solved, well somewhat, but I'll take care of the rest of the issues now. Thanks again!

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